[Image by Olya Adamovich of Pixabay]

In order to renew you first need to reflect and review—then you’re prepared for part 2 which is to renew.

My last post in 2023 offered you a total of twenty questions (10 to help you reflect, 10 to help you to review). If you’re currently working on those questions or if you’ve completed them, you can begin the process of renew. When I refer to “renew” I’m discussing revitalization, which I believe all public speakers should consider doing. How you opt to renew is your choice however here are a few of my suggestions to get you going:

  1. What changes do I anticipate in 2024 and how will I incorporate them as a speaker?
  2. What made my audiences engaged and how can I keep that going?
  3. What didn’t work well for me and how and where can I improve my skills to help my audience?
  4. How can I take a topic about which I speak and modify it by either adding a new component, updating a component or deleting a component?
  5. In what ways can I repurpose the content about which I speak (e.g., using my content in a blog, podcast, or article)?
  6. Am I letting others know about my topics or ideas via social media?
  7. Is it time to create a newsletter to better reach my listeners?
  8. Who do I know (or not know yet) with whom I wish to collaborate?
  9. What tweaks can I make to reach the right people?
  10. From whom should I seek feedback to potentially alter my strategy?

This list of ten ways to renew can certainly be extended if you wish.  For those speakers who believe they’re ready to renew, feel free to start with this list.  When you do, you’re positioned to revitalize and both you and your listeners will be appreciative. We’re all used to renewing our certifications, licenses, books, etc. so why not renew you?

I believe that’s the only way to stay vital as a speaker…