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Is there a distinction among the genders when it comes to business communication style?  Absolutely and Carol Kinsey Gorman, Ph.D. conducted global research on this critical topic which was presented in Forbes.

Dr. Gorman noted three communication strengths in females and males and went on to state three communication weaknesses in both females and males.  Here is what she points out:

Communication Strengths in females:

  1. The ability to read body language and pickup non-verbal cues.
  2. Good listening skills.
  3. Effective display of empathy.

Communication Weaknesses in females:

  1. Overly emotional
  2. Meandering
  3. Not authoritative

Communication Strengths in males:

  1. Commanding physical presence
  2. Direct and to-the-point interactions
  3. Effective display of power

Communication Weaknesses in males:

  1. Overly blunt and direct
  2. Insensitive to audience reactions
  3. Too confident in own opinion

Dr. Gorman emphasizes that these communication behaviors are generalizations. She stresses that “The most effective communicators, male and female, are masters at balancing power and empathy signals, so that they come across as both confident and caring.”

There is much truth in this sample of Dr. Gorman’s article however, based on my two decades of work as a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist, clearly there are exceptions.  In my opinion, those clients who demonstrate a combination of female and male communication, are the most effective communicators.  As many of us realize, situations require the ability to act spontaneously.  Therefore, the more insight we have the greater we become at using our communication toolbox and selecting the most appropriate communication style.

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