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As a professional Corporate & Communication Specialist, years ago I assisted a minister with his public speaking.  Among the various pointers we discussed, I recommended he change his glasses to anti-glare glasses, and it made a huge difference. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and I assisted another client with her public speaking on video.  Guess what I noticed?  She was wearing glasses that I suggested being replaced with anti-glare or anti-reflective glasses.  Once again—it made a significant difference in her overall presentation.  Based on that, I decided to share that information with my readers.

According to a post I read from LENSMART, there are multiple advantages to wearing anti-glare glasses which include:

  1. Sharper and clearer vision
  2. Reduced eye strain
  3. Better eye-contact
  4. Durability
  5. Improved Night Vision

While all of these are excellent benefits, the reality is that for those of us who are public speakers, the feature of better eye-contact is vitally important. By wearing anti-glare eyewear, we’re enhancing our eye-connection by ensuring we don’t get unwanted reflections on our eyeglasses that only serve as a distraction. Additionally, individuals can look directly into our eyes since the lenses look almost invisible. Big benefit, wouldn’t you agree!

In case you were wondering, anti-glare glasses have a coating on them which serves to protect your eyes from intense light. They let as much as 99% of light pass through the glasses rather than bouncing it off. A true gain for public speakers.

So the next time you’re evaluating your public speaking skills, go ahead and make a “spectacle of yourself” as I’ve pointed out.