[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay]

You may be a professional public speaker or perhaps aspire to become one.  One of the key aspects that all of my public speaking clients know is the importance of two skills which are reflect and review.  (Next week I’ll address the third “R” so please be sure to tune in, so you don’t miss out.)

Since we’re wrapping up 2023, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect and review your speaking engagements.  There are multiple ways of going about this, however, I recommend that you ask yourself the following:

  1. How broad or widespread were my speaking opportunities?
  2. How would I alter to whom I speak?
  3. What organizations or companies should I consider for speaking opportunities?
  4. What industries do I want to include in my speaking repertoire?
  5. Is there a key person at a company with whom I need to network?
  6. What speaking bureaus exist and should I have interactions with them?
  7. Is my website set up for diverse speaking needs?
  8. Is my website current and up to date in general and with regard to my expertise in speaking?
  9. Do I have podcasting as a service I offer?
  10. Can I create MP3’s on particular subjects?

Once you’ve responded to these ten questions, you’re well on your way toward the skill of reflecting.

Let’s move on to reviewing by answering these ten questions.

  1. What did I like about what I said in my speaking opportunities?
  2. How well did I achieve my speaking goals?
  3. How effective were my vocal dynamics?
  4. What did I notice about my non-verbal language?
  5. Where should I improve with regard to public speaking?
  6. What effect did I have on my target audience?
  7. Was I able to stay within the allocated timeframe?
  8. How did I engage my listeners?
  9. How was my use of rate relative to my topic and my audience?
  10. How did I follow-up with the company or individual who hired me to speak?

By using these twenty questions and adding some of your own, you will have applied the skills required to reflect and review. All of these questions are imperative as a professional speaker self-evaluates.  You may not necessarily like all the answers however, you’ll be taking a critical step in your professional growth. My recommendation is that you be as specific as possible when giving your answers.  Write down all of your responses so you can easily refer back to them.

This process of reflect and review is one that should be done consistently so that you achieve maximum benefit.

I you have any comments or questions, you’re encouraged to contact me.  I’ll make sure you’re a priority.