[Image by Muneeb Khalid of Pixabay]

Whether you want to start or want more from 2024, go and get it.

You may want more…

  1. Networking opportunities
  2. In-person speaking engagements
  3. Virtual speaking engagements
  4. Clients
  5. Prospects
  6. Social media presence
  7. Presentation coaching
  8. Blog subjects
  9. Podcast topics
  10. Collaboration
  11. Webinars
  12. Website traffic
  13. Ways to engage your listeners
  14. Keynotes
  15. Sales leads
  16. Connections
  17. Interviews
  18. Confidence
  19. Charisma
  20. Leadership

Each of us is different as are our situations, however this list of “more from 2024” is a good starting point.  Thinking about what you want more of is limiting and may not be enough.  Alternatively, deciding what you want more of from 2024 requires greater activation and courage.

As you look over this list, please feel free to delete, add, or change the sequence of items.  Also know that you may opt to select only one or two items at this time.  Whatever you choose represents your priority.  You can always go back to this list and select something else that matters to you. It’s very personal to you and to your needs.

If you’re uncertain where to begin or maybe you chose an item but you’re wondering where to start in that item—that’s very normal. That’s why I didn’t post any directions because what is right for one person may not be right for someone else.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Determine that during the month of January you’ll begin; maybe you want to commit to a particular day of the week or a specific date.  By doing so, you set an expectation and a level of accountability.
  2. Set a definitive amount of time on this date that you’ll address this.  It can be any increment you wish (e.g., 10 minutes, 1/2 hour or longer). The time frame may change as you work on this.
  3. Contact me if you’d like to discuss this further, have questions/comments, or need some help.

Each of us wants more from 2024 and this is one way to go about achieving it.  It’s not a matter of attaining what you selected as much as it is making it a priority that you address—now.