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Listeners Need a Break

June 2024


Here’s the ideal place to begin. Each month on this page, Dale Klein posts a high-energy podcast on a vitally important aspect of communication—from voice mail to vocal hygiene, effective networking to productive interviewing, interactive meetings as well as engaging presentations, to name a few.

Click below to hear this month's podcast titled--Listeners Need a Break

 For at least the past two decades, I’ve been sought out to assist business professionals worldwide, as a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist.  What my clients share is that they are all businesspeople with diverse experience in each of their respective industries. In other words, they're just like you!

As a public speaker, you realize the value associated with taking a break.  However, your listeners also need a break, which will vary in duration based on the length of your presentation or workshop.  That's part of what makes you a sought after speaker.  In this month's podcast, I present information so that you're well-prepared to give your listeners  a break.

When you're ready to improve your business communication, please consider my professional expertise. When you listen to my June podcast, you'll appreciate why I say this.

What you discover will assist you.

If you'd like any business communication guidance, you're welcome to contact me and we'll quickly get the business results you desire.  This will be meaningful to you as well as to your staff.

                                          If this seems daunting, you can quickly change all that by working with a                                             qualified business communication professional.

It's extremely useful to have this information accessible when needed.

Whether you use this skill now or at some point in the future, it's a beneficial tool to possess.

Listen to this podcast now so you can take the right action to sound your best!