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Become an Exceptional Exhibitor

February 2024


Here’s a great place to get started. Monthly on this page, Dale Klein posts a high-energy podcast on a vital aspect of communication—from voice mail to vocal hygiene, effective networking to productive interviewing, interactive meetings as well as engaging presentations.

Click below to hear this month's podcast titled--Become an Exceptional Exhibitor.

As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist and the founder/owner of Profitable Speech since 1994, I know that our message must stand out.

In my practice, many clients think there's not much to being an exhibitor.  What they may not realize is that being an exhibitor is one important aspect of public speaking. It's actually a form of small talk, which if done exceptionally leads to big business (something we all want).

 As part of my Corporate Communication Coaching practice, I've assisted clients around the globe to sound their best in many aspects of day-to-day business communication. Awareness is essential to being an accomplished public speaker so the greater your insight, the more you'll succeed in business. Makes perfect sense!

When you're ready to improve your business communication, please consider my professional expertise. When you listen to my February podcast, you'll appreciate why I say this.

You may be pleasantly surprised at what you learn.

If you'd like any business communication guidance, you're welcome to contact me and we'll quickly get the results you're seeking.  This will prove to be meaningful to you and to your staff.

                                          If this seems overwhelming, you can quickly change all that by working with a                                             qualified business communication professional.

It's helpful to have this useful information at your fingertips when you need it.

Whether you need this skill right now or sometime in the future, it's an invaluable tool to possess.

Listen to this podcast now so you can take the right action to sound your best!