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Ubiquitous Uptalk

February 2023


Here’s a great place to start. Monthly on this page, Dale Klein posts a high-energy podcast on a vital aspect of communication—from voice mail to vocal hygiene, effective networking to productive interviewing, interactive meetings as well as engaging presentations.

Click below to hear this month's podcast titled Ubiquitous Uptalk.

As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist and the founder/owner of Profitable Speech since 1994, I know that our speaking delivery needs to be compelling. That's a challenge for some especially when compounded by using uptalk.  Therefore, I'd like to share information with you in this podcast and you can decide if you'd like to change this speaking behavior.

                                    Do you or someone you know tend to use uptalk?                            

As part of my Corporate Communication Coaching practice, I've assisted many clients to eliminate their pattern of uptalk.  Sometimes they're completely unaware that they even exhibit this speaking behavior so that's where we start. Awareness is pivotal to being a dynamic public speaker so the greater your insight, the more you'll succeed in business.

When you're ready to improve your presentation skills, please consider my professional expertise. When you listen to this podcast, you'll appreciate why I say this. You won't be disappointed.

If you'd like any business communication guidance, please know you're welcome to contact me and we'll get the answers you need.  I'm confident this will be meaningful to you and to your staff or team.

                                If this seems overwhelming, you can change all that in a safe manner by working with a qualified business communication professional.

It's helpful to have this beneficial information when you need it.

Whether you need this skill now or later, it's an invaluable tool regardless of your role.

Listen to this podcast now so you can take the necessary action!