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Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication Strategies cover a wide range of skills—listening, interpersonal dynamics, networking, interviewing, customer service, basic supervision and more— Dale tailors each session to the client’s specific needs.

Virtual Coaching

Receive coaching anytime, anywhere, no matter what time zone you are in. Strengthen your skills in interviewing, leadership, media appearances, meeting facilitation, networking, panel moderation, presentations, & workplace communication.

Presentation Techniques

Learn how to organize content, rehearse effectively and evaluate the presentation after delivery.

Remote Presentations

Profitable Speech can help you create podcasts, webinars and teleconferences, providing an efficient, cost-effective way to extend your market reach.

Interviewing Skills

No matter which side of the desk you’re on, Dale begins with her unique insights on each essential part of interviewing.

Voice Coaching

Develop specific goals to improve your voice for the tasks you need it to perform—whether it’s public speaking, presentations or one-on-one meetings.

Meeting Facilitation

Learn to implement specific meeting roles and proactively contribute in meetings by planning ahead and building on what others say.

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