[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay]

What is the difference between a business person vs. a business leader?  The secret to the difference is one important distinction—how one communicates.  Let’s reveal what some others may think about how we come across.

  1. I don’t have a clue what the point is!  Always ensure you have a specific objective when interacting with your listener.
  2. What makes this person think I have any interest in this subject? Know as much as you can about the listener.
  3. I wish this person would speak up.  Make sure you can be easily heard by your listener.
  4. This person can really talk a mile a minute.  Pay attention to the speed or rate of your message.
  5. Sounds like this person has marbles in their mouth.  Focus on your pronunciation, striving to be as clear as possible. 
  6. If this person gets any more boring, I can catch up on my sleep.  Concentrate on what’s most important in your message; use emphasis accordingly.  
  7. Hope this person doesn’t wear a hole in the carpet by going back and forth so much.  Become aware of your nonverbal communication when interacting with others.
  8. I wonder who taught this person English.  Sharpen your basic grammar.
  9. I should have brought a dictionary to figure out what this person’s saying. Work on enriching your vocabulary.
  10. Does this person ever come up for air? Teach yourself to develop the art of listening.

Communication is the single most important factor when it comes to your bottom line. A business leader knows that customers drive success.  In order to turn prospects into customers it is essential that people want to listen to what we say and that they readily understand what we have to say. The ability to communicate is more complex than one would suspect which is why it is so critical to concentrate on your volume, rate, articulation, intonation and nonverbal language.

Remember that if you don’t make communication a priority, your competitor will.

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