Everything Has Its Place

June 24, 2024By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Habits, Memory

[Image by Tung Nguyen of Pixabay] We’re probably all familiar with saying “Everything has its place.” What may be less familiar is the concept of a memory palace. Public speakers have various fears but one of them is the fear of not remembering what you’re going to say. The good news is that this post … Read More

Don’t Sweat It

June 17, 2024By Dale KleinJob Success

[Image by Arul of Pixabay] Many of us who consider ourselves to be public speakers may experience the all too common symptom of sweating. If that describes you, you may find sweat on your palms, face, or other bodily parts. That’s completely normal.  However, it’s also possible that you encounter what’s known as “hyperhidrosis.” In … Read More