[Image by Diggity Marketing of Pixabay]

As a speaker, are you a professional influencer…do you want to become one? Each of us has the capacity to become a professional influencer when our voices are heard. First, let’s understand that as an influencer we have two essential roles which are being a speaker and being a listener.

Take this quiz to see if you want to take on these two roles.

S=Do you speak succinctly?

P=Do you prepare your message?

E=Do you establish and maintain eye-contact?

A=Do you articulate clearly?

K=Do you know your audience?

E=Do you evaluate your effectiveness?

R=Do you reinforce important points?

Now let’s look at the role of listener.

L=Do you learn from others?

I=Do you put aside your interests?

S=Do you send clear messages?

T=Do you take notes?

E=Do you eliminate distractions?

N=Do you attend to non-verbal cues?

E=Do you fully evaluate the message?

R=Do you restate the message?

Being effective in communication requires that we make it a high priority to be both a speaker and a listener. There’s quite a bit involved in each of these roles but it’s best to first explore each acronym and assess how you did.  See what you’re doing well and where you’d like to make changes. You may also wish to obtain some feedback from your supervisor, staff, team, peers, and colleagues. My recommendation is to only ask others whose opinion you value and those who will use candor.

If your goal is to become a professional influencer, this is a good place to start.  If you’d like to share your ideas, comments or thoughts you can always contact me.  As always, I’m happy to offer my assistance and guidance. You may use email [email protected], phone 518-664-6004 or we can meet virtually or in-person.