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The word supervisor may have different meanings depending on the source you use.  Here’s how I spell the word supervisor:

S= Support Staff

U=Update Staff

P=Problem  Solve

E=Ensure Equity

R=Respect Differences

V=Visualize Outcomes

I=Invite Feedback

S=Set Goals

O=Offer Feedback

R=Repair Communication Breakdowns

This is certainly not intended as an exhaustive list. Rather, it is meant as a quick self-check in the form of an acronym.

Recommended steps are:

  1. As you go through each letter and the corresponding skill, turn each of the ten items into a question (i.e., Do you support your staff?  Do you update your staff? Do you problem solve with your staff?).
  2. As you answer each question, rate yourself with a corresponding response of Yes, No, or Unsure.
  3. Compare your responses to other individuals to learn more.
  4. If you answered No or Unsure, try to discover how other people handle this skill.

A personal favorite of mine is the last item:

Do you repair communication breakdowns? It’s natural for communication breakdowns to occur.  The skill is having the tools to repair them when they do break down.  In my experience, it often comes down to practicing effective active listening. Usually we’re distracted or in a hurry and as a result, we may miss critical information. You can change that by asking for repetition, taking notes, or paraphrasing what you think you heard. Yes, it takes longer but the dividends that it pays are worthwhile.

Being a supervisor requires a willingness to learn, practice, and diligence. Using this acronym is an excellent starting point and may be exactly what you need now.  Feel free to supplement this list, as needed.  It’s also a good idea to revisit this acronym as your responses may change.

Whether you’re a newly appointed supervisor or more of a seasoned supervisor, reviewing this list can put you on the pathway to success.  As always, if you opt to discuss this or have questions or comments, you’re welcome to contact me.

Can’t wait to hear from you!