[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay]

Many questions arise when it comes to how to dress for business functions such as…What should I wear? Are these shoes okay? Does this need to be ironed?  The list can go on and on as we ponder how to groom ourselves for an event.

In two months I’ll be conducting a networking presentation to a large group of business professionals so this topic has a lot of meaning to me. Several years ago there were pretty clear cut “rules” when it came to the various areas of grooming.  Much has changed in that period of time and will continue to change so here are some ideas to consider.

  1. Does what I’m thinking of wearing fit me the way I think it should?
  2. Does my hair look clean?
  3. Can I easily close my zipper?
  4. Is my garment wrinkled?
  5. Should I wear a fragrance or scent?
  6. Will my make-up last several hours or should I reapply it?
  7. If I send my garment to be dry-cleaned, are the buttons intact?
  8. How do I feel in these shoes?
  9. Is my breath fresh and how do I keep it that way?
  10. Do my nails look acceptable?

These are some of the grooming tips my clients think about so I help they’re of assistance to you.  If you work for an employer you have the option of consulting with Human Resources and going with their dress code.  If that doesn’t apply to you then something to keep in mind is feeling authentic.  When you do, you’ll feel fabulous and that leads to coming across more confidently.