[Image by H.B. from Pixabay]

For those readers who live in the northeast, the meteorologists tell us we’re set to “warm-up” but the real question is do you?

In my opinion, a warm-up is absolutely an activity I believe in wholeheartedly.  After all, athletes warm-up physically to avoid potential injury.  The approach a speaker takes regarding warm-up may differ so I’ll share the ways in which I warm-up.  That will give you something to consider.

  1. Relaxation: In order for my body to be ready for any speaking engagement, I rely on the use of body scanning and meditation.  Both of these techniques make me more aware of any tension that I hope to relieve.
  2. Vocal: I use an MP3 that I created that consists of eight different exercises to help improve the flexibility of my vocal cords. This tool is one that I have shared with many of my clients and they report finding it beneficial when done consistently.
  3. Purposeful Practice: Perhaps the term chunking is familiar to you.  By chunking, I divide my message up into several parts that do not necessarily have to be linear (e.g., opening, body, closing).  By doing so, it allows me to focus my energies into one section at a time.  Once I feel confident in delivering that particular section, I move on to another component. Try to create a build effect so that one section leads to another, resulting in a larger chunk.   As I practice different chunks, I do so out loud and simultaneously record myself (audio and visual). Listening and looking closely at the playback is essential as a speaker. Another means of analysis or feedback is you may decide to either send the recording to an individual or practice with a live audience. Whether you decide to send it or deliver your message in person, be sure to only include people whom you trust and those that will use complete candor.

Each of these warm-up techniques requires extra time, however they’re so worthwhile. As you repeatedly use them, you’ll become more adept and less time will be needed.  If I may explain any of these tools in greater detail or if you have questions for a particular aspect of you presentation, I encourage you to contact me.  Together, we can find the answers and get results you need.

You may reach me electronically, by phone, virtually, or in-person: [email protected] or 518-664-6004.