Important Ingredients

July 13, 2020By Dale KleinJob Success|Public Speaking

If you read my book titled “In 30 Seconds Speak Like You Mean Business” you know that I use the analogy of baking a cake as being similar to speaking. That analogy illustrates that you want to include at least ten important ingredients each and every time you speak. As a reminder, those ingredients include: 1. … Read More

Here’s Looking at You

June 15, 2020By Dale KleinJob Success|Public Speaking, Media, Media|On-Camera

We live in a digital age and now more than ever we tend to interact with others remotely.  For example, that may include: webinars, interviews, networking events, e-learning, or even panel discussions.  That means that it’s vitally important to know how to come across your best.  We don’t always know who’s on the other end … Read More