Feeling Lucky?

August 20, 2018By Dale KleinProfessionalism, Public Speaking, Value

Whether it’s numerology, a horseshoe or a 4-leaf clover…some of us believe in luck. This week on Ted.com, I heard an interesting speaker, Tina Seelig, a Stamford engineering professor, share the little risks you can take to increase your luck. It struck me that this topic would resonate with many of my readers, like you. … Read More

Perception is Reality: What’s Your Perceived Value?

June 23, 2016By Dale KleinValue

  The term value-add is commonplace in the business world.  Most of us are convinced we add value to our prospects and clients. However, the real question is whether those we serve perceive what we offer as valuable.  That’s a critically important distinction. First rule of thumb is to make inquiries about what someone truly … Read More