Are We Speaking Their Language?

January 19, 2018By Dale KleinAccommodations, Business Etiquette

Since first establishing Profitable Speech in 1994, my audiences have all been within the United States and for the most part English has been their first language or they were fluent in English. I’ve not had the good fortune of addressing an audience who spoke a different language, necessitating an interpreter. Have you? Let’s first … Read More

Rising Temperature? Audience Comfort Comes First!

June 10, 2014By Dale KleinAccommodations

For those living in the Northeast, many of us are doing the “dance of joy” now that the snow is a distant memory and the heat is on.  But don’t forget about your audience… When we’re conducting a training, presentation or meeting, it’s our responsibility to ensure the comfort of those listening to us.  Consider … Read More

The Patient Communicator: Is That You?

December 5, 2013By Dale KleinAccommodations

For as many different types of people that exist, there are probably just as many communication challenges (some known and some unknown). One of the most common communication challenges is being hearing impaired. For some people this is congenital while for others it may be acquired or due to aging (presbycusis).  What’s important to realize … Read More

Take Care of Your Audience: Making Accommodations Is Key!

June 20, 2013By Dale KleinAccommodations

Today I had the privilege of conducting several workshops for individuals with varying disabilities. Among the benefits of addressing these professionals was their willingness to make their needs known and doing so in an appropriate and effective manner. Specifically, the individuals who were visually impaired had some challenges that required accommodations, which included the following: … Read More