Exhibitors: Ready To Be On Exhibit?

March 14, 2013By Dale KleinNetworking|Professionalism

This week I had the privilege of being selected to conduct a communication workshop geared exclusively for exhibitors at an annual human resource association conference.  What an innovative idea! If you’ve ever been an exhibitor, you know that this is a phenomenal business opportunity…if you’re willing to invest the time and energy to ensure a … Read More

Here’s a Tough Question: What Do You Do?

February 2, 2012By Dale KleinNetworking|Professionalism

 Only four words and yet when someone asks What do you do? it’s not uncommon to: 1. Freeze up 2. Tell your life story 3. Use techno-babble The result is that we end up confusing or losing our listeners; who can afford that?  If you can relate to this predicament or know others who … Read More