Smile…it looks and sounds good!

March 22, 2019By Dale KleinNon-Verbal Language

Smiling is pretty easy, right?  And yet we sometimes forget to smile (when appropriate), or we run across others who aren’t smiling.  Let’s discuss the impact of a smile. Imagine how you feel when… *You’re greeted with a smile *You bring out a smile on your listener *You hear a smile when on the phone … Read More

Micro-Expressions: Sometimes Small Tells All

June 2, 2015By Dale KleinNon-Verbal Language

  If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’ve posted on the importance of non-verbal language as well as body language.  By now most of us realize that the majority of our communication is conveyed not so much by our words but by our bodies. How many of you have heard of micro-expressions? In … Read More

Actions Clearly Speak Louder Than Words…Especially When Signed

December 20, 2013By Dale KleinNon-Verbal Language

  Recognize this man?  He is 34-year-old Thamsanqua Jantjie, the sign language interpreter who has been dubbed as a “fake” while signing at Mandela’s memorial service earlier this month, standing right next to many world leaders, including President Obama.  (This has stirred up an incredible controversy and will no doubt undergo tremendous scrutiny.) According to sign language … Read More

Step It Up: Walk With Purpose!

August 2, 2012By Dale KleinNon-Verbal Language

How often do you actually think about your feet when you speak?  Maybe not enough… Yesterday I observed a speaker who literally never stopped moving from one spot to the next; his feet must have been killing him when he was done!  There is a huge difference between walking with purpose vs. nervous pacing…this was clearly … Read More