Organize Your Thoughts

March 29, 2021By Dale KleinGoal-Setting, Habits, Professionalism|Public Speaking

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] Most of our thoughts are usually healthy unless…they’re disorganized and taking up significant headspace for us.  We all have random ideas from time-to-time, but what we do with them may be the true sign of success, especially when speaking. When we feel our world is disorganized it can be … Read More

What if…

October 19, 2020By Dale KleinProfessionalism, Professionalism|Public Speaking

[Image by Dirk Wouters of Pixabay] Anything is possible even if the probability isn’t high.  By that I mean, imagine if…  You opt to lead by example  You’re recommended to be a spokesperson  You need to fill in for someone designated to be a speaker  You’re called on to communicate with a prospect  You want … Read More