Do you agree?

April 26, 2019By Dale KleinMeetings|Professionalism, Professionalism|Vocabulary

Seems simple enough, I know.  You explain something to someone, ask if they understand, the person nods and therefore we believe they agree.  The person even signs a document stating agreement. And yet, problems may ensue. Just this afternoon, I was on a business coaching call with an entrepreneur in Minnesota.  The entrepreneur raised this … Read More

Uh-oh; Did I just say that!

September 19, 2013By Dale KleinProfessionalism|Vocabulary

We’ve all had the experience of hearing another person mispronounce a word or even a common phrase/expression.  It’s extremely common and for that reason some of us may be making those same gaffes…unknowingly.  In most instances other people won’t tell you because either they don’t realize it’s incorrect or they think it’s inappropriate to bring … Read More