Change is Inevitable

January 11, 2019By Dale KleinBreathing

Some of us love it and others dread it.  Whichever applies to you, the fact is that change occurs whether we like it or not.  When it’s a professional change, that can hit us hard but how we manage that change and communicate about it makes a significant difference in how we feel impacted. On … Read More

The Beauty of the Breath

October 26, 2015By Dale KleinBreathing

How well do you breathe? While it may sound like an odd question, it’s actually essential in determining how well you communicate. Having coached clients since 1994, it’s more and more common for me to hear clients complain about how they sound.  What surprises them is when we turn our attention to their breathing. Naturally, … Read More

The Beauty of the Breath

March 26, 2011By Dale KleinBreathing

What if I told you that you may not be breathing effectively? Sure, this may sound a bit odd; after all who really takes the time to think about breathing in general, let alone whether or not it’s effective? It’s not exactly a course any of us took in college, right! But then again…maybe that’s … Read More