Cortisol Level and Your Communication: From Anxious to Excited

November 2, 2015By Dale KleinFear

    Ask pretty much anyone you know about stress and you’ll hear an earful. It’s almost as if we’ve come to accept and even expect our lives to be stressful. The physiological aspect of stress is the focus of this post.  This brings us to the hormone known as cortisol. In case you’re wondering…cortisol … Read More

Believe it or not…who is this man?

February 23, 2012By Dale KleinFear

Recognize the man in this photograph?  In case he doesn’t look familiar, his name is                  Enrico Caruso, perhaps the world’s greatest tenor.  Caruso is reported to have sung 607 performances at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.  One source I read stated that Mr. Caruso said: “I’ve … Read More