Corona Communication

March 23, 2020By Dale KleinLeadership|Professionalism

By now you know…we’re in the midst of a global crisis. That means that crisis communication is vitally important to everyone.  If done correctly, it helps us navigate the challenges we all face and provides us with necessary facts, updates, and tools. Since we’re in unchartered territory, some of us experience fear and uncertainty.  While … Read More

Would You Want Your Name Butchered?

December 13, 2012By Dale KleinLeadership|Professionalism

How often have you attended a meeting or event where someone or even the leader optimistically says: “I hope I don’t butcher this name but here goes..” or apologetically says: “Well sorry if I just butchered your name…” Earlier this week I attended a fundraiser where not only one but two of the key speakers … Read More