What is presence for a public speaker?

December 31, 2019By Dale KleinPresentation Skills

Presence comes down to one word…BE. We all have to be somewhere so why not be with those to whom you’re speaking.  I know, easier said than done, right? In an article from the Harvard Business Review titled: 6 Steps to Becoming a More Effective Public Speaker, the author focuses on the concept of presence.  … Read More

What will you bring?

December 26, 2018By Dale KleinPresentation Skills, Professionalism

This week I had a productive phone call with another business person.  Our focus was redesigning the format of a standing meeting with the goal of positively influencing the mindset of the meeting participants.  The problem, as I see it, is one of complacency which is why we decided to address : “What will you … Read More

And the beat goes on…

October 2, 2018By Dale KleinPreparation, Presentation Skills

On Sunday I attended a fundraiser featuring a band for whom my husband filled in as the bass guitarist (what an immense talent!). As I listened to the band’s diverse musical set, I enjoyed the experience and clearly was not alone as many people were dancing and generally having a great time. This got me … Read More

Speaker Bio vs. Speaker Intro: Which is Best?

August 25, 2016By Dale KleinPresentation Skills

Since I’ve had the privilege of coaching a vast array of clients since 1994, occasionally I hear the same question.  In this case, I’m referring to how a speaker is introduced. Let’s start with this question: Should the speaker self-introduce or have another person introduce him or her?  My recommendation is to always opt for … Read More