How do you sound?

March 8, 2021By Dale KleinProfessionalism, Public Speaking, Technology

[photo by Dieter G. from Pixabay] I know this is a tough question but how do you sound? Too often we take this essential aspect of communication for granted when we really shouldn’t. Given that we’re often communicating virtually, many of us simply rely on the microphones built into our computer.  Seems easy enough. The … Read More

Ownership Power

August 31, 2020By Dale KleinPublic Speaking

[image by daniel64 of Pixabay] What do you own?  Maybe your car, your home, your pet, etc.  Probably you can add to this list and personalize it with other items that matter to you.  Good or bad, ownership is power.  Hence the name of this post. How about your feelings?  While clearly less tangible, you … Read More