Feast for your Audience

November 25, 2019By Dale KleinUncategorized

This week many of us will celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends. It’s a time to be with others and most importantly to express gratitude.  For some, it also includes a special feast with various mouth-watering delicacies. This got me thinking…shouldn’t our audiences enjoy a presentation feast?  For example…their eyes and ears will focus … Read More

Follow-up Time

July 29, 2019By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Communication Style, Uncategorized

No matter what time zone we’re in…it’s always follow-up time.  Unfortunately, most business people neglect to follow-up and then act baffled when business fizzles out.  If they do follow-up, it’s often not in a timely manner and the subsequent results are poor at best. Now you may be wondering when follow-up time is warranted.  Good … Read More

Is Podcasting Right for You?

March 15, 2019By Dale KleinUncategorized

If you or your employer is not podcasting, I have one question for you: Why? Podcasting is a tool I first began using in 2008. Now that it’s 2019 and I podcast monthly, that tells you something—it’s working!   This means that for the past 11 years, I’ve experienced the benefits of consistent podcasting, which … Read More

Yelling Doesn’t Get You Heard

January 12, 2018By Dale KleinUncategorized

This week I was conducting a workshop for grantees throughout New York, to help them ensure their messages stand out. Afterwards, several participants spoke with me about their specific communication needs. Among them was a person who is also a teacher. The dilemma presented to me was how to get the attention of noisy students … Read More

Is Your Communication Worn Out?

November 10, 2017By Dale KleinUncategorized

Admittedly we’re all prone to feeling worn out at times…at least I do. Perhaps I’m not alone. The real question is “Does our communication come across as sounding worn out?” Hopefully not, although it’s certainly possible. When we communicate in a worn out manner, our word choice becomes commonplace so it’s quite hard to stand … Read More

Ouch! Does Your Voice End the Show?

November 3, 2017By Dale KleinUncategorized

Recently I met a person who had such a strident voice that it actually hurt my ears whenever the person spoke! Whether in a social or professional setting this is not good for anyone. My sense is that this person was unaware of how she sounded, as most of us are. The problem is that … Read More