Too Much Zoom?

August 15, 2022By Dale KleinCommunication Style, Fatigue

[Image by Alexandra Koch of Pixabay] One of the most popular ways to communicate in business today is via Zoom.  You, your employee, or a member of your team most likely participates in online meetings or presentations via this platform. Of course, there are a plethora of benefits however it’s quite common to have what … Read More

Pessimist or Optimist

July 11, 2022By Dale KleinCommunication Style

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] These are the words of Winston Churchill: “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”  Which of these terms (pessimist or optimist) best describes you? In my practice, I encounter individuals who often start out being pessimists when it comes to public speaking, … Read More

What’s Your Answer?

June 6, 2022By Dale KleinCommunication Style, Interviewing|Job Success|Media|Professionalism, Job Success

[Image by eslfuntaiwan of Pixabay] While assisting my client get ready for his upcoming interview, we discussed his response style.  Of course, there are many options, however I lean towards one in particular.  Here’s what I mean. Let’s say the interviewer says, “What inspired you to pursue our company?”  When answering this or any question, I … Read More

Analysis Paralysis

May 16, 2022By Dale KleinCommunication Style, Fear, Habits

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] Probably we’re all guilty of falling into the trap of excessive thinking.  Some people refer to this as analysis paralysis and we’ve all fallen victim to this behavior…at least once.  The definition of this term is that when we think of too many options or solutions to a situation, … Read More