Communication Shape

October 4, 2021By Dale KleinCommunication Style, Credibilty, Job Success

[Image by Gustavo Ferreira of Pixabay] Too often my clients complain that they provide too much information, meaning they’re verbose.  When this occurs in any conversation or interview, it may be perceived as insecurity.  There are two other issues to be addressed.  The first is that as speakers we run the risk of losing our … Read More

Question Responses Require Planning

April 12, 2021By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Public Speaking, Communication Style|Special Occasions, Job Success, Media

They’re a natural part of life…questions, that is.  Questions can come up in any number of places such as websites, conversations, interactions, meetings,  presentations, as well as in-person or online interviews.  And yet, we’re often surprised when we’re asked certain questions or worse yet we may feel ill-prepared. Here are a few ideas to consider … Read More