Value of Criticism

August 30, 2021By Dale KleinListening, Listening|Professionalism

Most of us dislike receiving criticism.  However, there may be value in criticism that we’re overlooking. In a post I read by Kevin A. Thompson []  he lists the following 5 ways we can receive criticism in a healthy way.  You may wish to consider these five  options as they offer a helpful perspective we don’t … Read More

Look out for routines

May 11, 2021By Dale KleinHabits, Listening, Professionalism

[Image by Photo Mix of Pixabay] Some parts of our life, like toothbrushing, are routine.  We may do it automatically or in a rote fashion because it’s a regular aspect of our life. We get accustomed to brushing our teeth at certain times of the day…I get it. But what about sounding too routine when … Read More